From Besançon to the Vallée de Joux.

Au coeur de l’industrie horlogère.

Watch&Co, launched in 2023 by Antony Bertrand, represents the evolution of communication in the world of watchmaking. Originally from Besançonfamous for its watchmaking heritage, I was inspired to create a space where the dynamism of the new generation meets the honor of watchmaking traditions. Watch&Co se distingue par une quête incessante de l’excellence, offrant une expérience exclusive.

Our platform is a celebration of the innovative spirit, married with a deep appreciation for the techniques and historical stories of watchmaking. Watch&Co is distinguished by its commitment to quality and precision, we are committed to presenting watchmaking in a new light, highlighting exceptional pieces wrapped in a lively, accessible approach, reflecting our desire to make watchmaking a subject of interest and excitement for everyone.

The essence of Watch&Co based on sharing and exchange, with the aim of enriching knowledge while fostering a space for dialogue and mutual discovery. We are determined to offer a refreshing and engaging perspective on watches, blending rigorous analysis with playful and original presentations.

Discover with Watch&Co a vision of watchmaking that breaks with convention, where passion and creativity meet to transform every moment into a unique and exhilarating experience. We invite you to dive into a world where watchmaking is not just about precision and tradition, but also a playground for innovation, personal expression and shared pleasure.

At Watch&Co, we believe that watchmaking should spark joy, inspire admiration and encourage curiosity. Join us as we explore the bright, dynamic side of watchmaking, where every watch tells a fascinating story and every object opens the door to new discoveries. Together, let's make watchmaking accessible, attractive and, above all, fun.