Richard Mille Présente le RM 17-02 Tourbillon en Quartz TPT ®: Un Chef-d’œuvre Limité à 30 Pièces

18 Apr, 2024 | Watchmaking news

Richard Mille‎ synonymous‎‎‎ innovation and of precision in the world of fine watchmaking, unveils its latest creation, the RM 17-02 tourbillon. This timepiece, limited to 30 exemplary, represents the pinnacle of technology and design, while respecting the tradition of the‎ craftsmanship.


The RM 17-02 is driven by the caliber RM17-02, a tourbillon movement with manual winding which integrates hours, minutes, a power reserve indicator and a function indicator. The watch case, made of Quartz TPT®, an advanced material recognized for its high resistance and lightness, encapsulates the movement skeletonized.

Advanced Technology and Innovative Materials

The heart of this watch beats thanks to a plate and bridges in titanium grade 5, an alloy biocompatible exceptionally resistant and rigid, frequently used in the aerospace and automotive industries. This selection of materials ensures increased durability and stability of movement, even in the most demanding conditions.


Driven by caliber RM17-02, an eloquent example of the perfect fusion between refined aesthetics and functionality advanced. This hand-wound movement, measuring 31,20 x 29,45 mm for a thickness of 4,65 mm, integrates a tourbillon of 12,30 mm in diameter and a pendulum of 10,00 mm‎ with 23 ruby set in bezels White gold and one pendulum in Glucydur®, the caliber offers frequency of 21’600 alternations per hour (3 Hz). The structure also includes a barrel has rapid rotation which optimizes the performance in particular the internal grip of the spring, and an anti-shock system KIF Elastor pour une robustesse renforcée. Cette combinaison de technologies avancées illustre l’engagement de Richard Mille to push the boundaries of watchmaking.

Functional Design and Intuitive Indicators

One of the strong points of RM 17-02 is its function indicator located at 4 hours. Inspired by sports car gear selectors, this indicator allows the user to see easily if the watch is in mode reassembly, setting the time, or neutral.


Another notable element is thepower reserve indicator, located at 2 hours in the form of a gauge, which simply shows the‎ energy remaining before it is necessary to wind the watch.


Safety and Precision

The RM 17-02 also includes a pendulum has inertia variable for a reliability amplifié face aux chocs, et un barrel has rotation fast which optimizes the regularity and the performance spring. The tripartite housing, waterproof up to 50 metre, is assembled with screws in grade 5 titanium, demonstrating uncompromising attention to detail.


An Echo of Formula 1 Engineering

The overall design of the watch is inspired by engineering methods used in Formula 1, where each element of the chassis and engine is developed in perfect harmony. Likewise, each component of the RM 17-02 has been rigorously tested and integrated to ensure performance and an aesthetic first class.

In conclusion‎ the Richard Mille RM 17-02 Tourbillon illustre une avancée notable dans l’ingénierie watchmaker. Combining materials innovative to a design neat, this model offers performance solide et une sustainability strong. With a limited edition of 30 pièces, il souligne son exclusivité tout en restant ancré dans les valeurs traditionnelles de l’horlogerie, ce qui en fait un choix judicieux pour ceux qui apprécient la technologie de pointe dans un design raffiné.

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