The RP1 Trigger Regulator: A New Era in Precision Watchmaking by Raúl Pagès

13 Feb, 2024 | Watchmaking news

At the beginning of 2022, the watchmaking world is witnessing the advent of an exceptional timepiece, the RP1 expansion regulator, the third creation from the independent watchmaker Raúl Pagès. Designed and manufactured entirely in its workshop in Les Brenets, Switzerland, this timepiece is a technical and aesthetic feat that testifies to Pagès' unfailing commitment to tradition, precision and beauty.

This new calibre, equipped with a pivoting detent escapement, embodies excellence in precision chronometry. Its design provides superior mechanical efficiency, thanks to a unique anti-galop innovative. This mechanism, emblematic of haute horlogerie, is here miniaturized to fit into a wristwatch, constituting a veritable technical revolution.

The aesthetic of RP1 expansion regulator pays homage to historic precision regulators, with a dial that highlights each time indication in a dedicated space. The minute track takes pride of place in the center, while the hours and seconds are displayed in separate apertures, creating a precise and harmonious reading of the time.

The movement of RP1 expansion regulator is the result of unparalleled expertise, incorporating a pivoting detent escapement developed and manufactured entirely in-house. This technical innovation is protected against shocks by a patented system, ensuring exceptional reliability for this timepiece.

The design of RP1 regulator is also remarkable, with a case whose proportions and finishes have been meticulously studied to reflect the principles of thearchitectural aesthetics. The sapphire crystal fireplace adds a unique tactile and visual dimension to this creation.

Raúl Pagès, an independent Swiss watchmaker, combines his technical expertise with a passion for watchmaking deep artistic sensibility. His passion for art history, 20th-century design and his mastery of time-honored watchmaking techniques enable him to create works that redefine the standards of luxury watchmaking.

The concept of the regulator, first introduced in the 18th centuryand that of the detent escapement, first introduced in 1748, are two major innovations in the history of chronometry. These mechanisms, which played a crucial role in the precision of timepieces, are now reinterpreted by Pagès with unequalled mastery.

Raúl Pagès' talent and innovation were recently recognized with the « Louis Vuitton Watch Prize for Independent Creatives », an award that celebrates creativity and innovation in watchmaking. The prize offers not only prestigious recognition but also invaluable support for the future development of watchmaking projects.

The RP1 expansion regulator by Raúl Pagès is not just a watch, it's a work of art that defies convention, marking a new stage in the evolution of precision watchmaking. By combining tradition and innovationRaúl Pagès reaffirms his status as an exceptional craftsman and takes the art of watchmaking to new heights.

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