UR-100V LightSpeed – URWERK

12 Feb, 2024 | Watchmaking news

Un Pont entre le Temps, l’Espace et la Lumière

Geneva, February 7, 2024 - In a spectacular convergence of science fiction and reality, URWERK unveils theUR-100V LightSpeed, a watch that defies the boundaries of traditional mechanical watchmaking by integrating the concepts of time, space and light into a single revolutionary design. This new creation is inspired by the cabalistic number 299'792.458 km/s, the speed of light, a universal constant that unites Einstein's theory of relativity with the futuristic narratives of science fiction.

Cosmic Vision on the Wrist

TheUR-100V LightSpeed is no ordinary watch; it's a three-dimensional planetarium that captures the essence of the cosmos. Martin Frei, artistic director and co-founder of URWERK, describes this timepiece as "a piece of the universe on one's wrist." The timepiece features a journey through the solar system, illustrating the time it takes a ray of light to reach each planet, from the Sun to Neptune.

Felix Baumgartner, master watchmaker and co-founder ofURWERK, adds a touch of poetry, reminding us that the light we see today is an echo of the past, a celebration of the immensity of the universe and our humble place within it.

Technical and aesthetic innovation

At the heart of theUR-100V LightSpeed is caliber UR 12.02, which reinterprets the hour and minute display without hands. Instead, satellites move along an arc, marking the passage of time in a spatial choreography. This mechanism, inspired by a 17th-century clock, is transformed with a creativity that transcends the traditional dimensions of watchmaking.

Design that resonates with the infinite

The UR-100V LightSpeed is an ode to light, the fundamental element that links humanity to the universe. Martin Frei concludes that our ability to perceive light is what shapes our understanding of the cosmos, a theme that permeates every aspect of this watch. From the sun-inspired rotor to the black carbon case, every detail evokes the grandeur of space.

Since its creation in 1997, URWERK has established itself as an avant-garde atelier, where traditional craftsmanship meets futuristic aesthetics. With production limited to 150 watches a year, URWERK continues to redefine the boundaries of Haute Horlogerie, honoring its Sumerian roots while innovating for the future.


TheUR-100V LightSpeed ofURWERK is more than a watch; it's a manifesto on time, space and light. With this masterpiece, URWERK invites watchmaking enthusiasts to embrace a cosmic vision, where every second carries the story of the universe. Available at a price of CHF 65’000.00 (hors taxes), this creation is an invitation to explore the confines of space-time, wrist by wrist.

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